Fish scale remover “Soomusefrees”

Why should you use the fish scale remover “Soomusefrees” (eng. scale mill)?

Fish scale remover Soomusefrees is an efficient tool for removing the scales from fish with stiff scales (e.g. perch, pike, bream etc.). Soomusefrees offers you a number of advantages over common types of scale scrapers or filleting knife. The most important among those are the speed, efficiency and cleanliness of the workplace. Since the mill has a spiral cutting edges it pushes the scales by the side of the fish rather than spinning them all around the kitchen or work place. That is most definitely a good news for these people that consider cleaning the sticky scales from the room after finishing with the fish an annoying hassle. Since the mill allows you to finish the job faster, it limits the time the fish smell can spread over your home. The mill is made of stainless steel and under normal use will serve you well for a long period of time.

Usage instructions:

Scale mill can be attached to any electric drill or screw driver driven either by wire or batteries. Testing has proved though that it is the most comfortable to work with the tool with rotating speed between 700 to 1000 rounds per minute. If the rounds exceed 1000 rpm the scales may start to spin away, reducing the effect of the mill.

To clean the fish, please lay it on the horizontal work space and hold it with one hand. Use the other hand for drill rubbing the rotating mill against the fish skin so that the cutting edges slip under the loose ends of the scales and can break thethem away from the skin. Fish should be turned around as needed to provide necessary working angle for the cutting edges. In case you use the tool allowing bidirectional rotation, please make sure that it rotates in direction allowing the cutting edges to slip under the scales.

Cleaning of the mill:

The mill can be cleaned with ordinary methods used for cutlery including in the dish washer. It is recommended to flush the mill with fresh water after the usage and dry it. Drying is particularly important in case you deposit the mill between the uses at air tight container.

Safety instructions:

Using the mill does not require additional level of caution or special work methods compared to the ordinary electric drill. However, mill edges may hurt the skin or work table while rotating. It is suggested to use rubber gloves while cleaning the fish.

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Enjoy using the scaler and bon appetit!